Sunday, 24 March 2013


Today my friend and classmate had her birthday PARTY!! (even though her birthday is on the 27th of March but today is the 24th) Her name is Annisa Fatehah and we have been in the same class for umm...3 no, 4 years! Since I was primary 2 until now, primary 5...

That's her...

We were watching TV until her mom called us to cut the chocolate cake that her elder sister had made by herself for Fatehah. Isn't that sweet? Oh,and I forgot to mention that the birthday food was made by her father himself! Isn't that amazing?

                                                                            Cake time!! :)

After the cake, my friend, Dina played the piano and we were shaking our bodies trying to get the hula-hoops to stay on. Fatehah kept the hula-hoop on the longest! After Asar, there were only three people left, me, Fatehah, and Dilziba (Ziba for short). We then played MONOPOLY!!! After we were bored playing Monopoly, we sat down and watched TV until my father came to pick me up. Fatehah gave me my party pack and I went back home. It was a grreeeeeaaaaat day today!


Thursday, 21 March 2013


Can you guess what this is?
Today, when I came home from school,(I came home earlier than usual) and I found my mother cooking something in the chicken ehh!! could she cook in a chicken?? hehe... Forget about the chiken.Anyway,I found her cooking something in the kitchen (*sigh* I got it right...) and then she said "Alaaaaaa! kenapa balik awal sangat?!" coz she wanted to finish the cooking before I got home. but she ended up liking the idea of me coming home early. Because i helped her cook the spaghetti sauce... Yum yum...

BTW... the picture above is the homemade chicken(not kitchen hihi...) patty which I had for my burger. I reeeeeeeaaallllyyy enjoyed my meal today.and we ate...:

- Burger (homemade with looots of lettuce )

 I would now like to say THANK YOU to ummi for making this meal for me... ^,^

Azra enjoying her burger
Looks yummy right? don't be jealous... hehe...


Saturday, 16 March 2013


My little sister Azra has caught a fever 3 days ago. Poor herr.....

My Ummi gave her fresh orange juice to drink for Vitamin C

The health authorities suspected cases of the mutation (that means the virus has changed form) of the
 H1N1 virus... *Gaaaassssppppp*.Imran has also caught fever about a week before that lasted for eight days I hope it's not my turn...But I was a little jealous when my brother and sister was taken care by Ummi. It made me want to fall sick too. Because Ummi was so caring.

 A few days ago, Azra came back from school saying that 7 of her friends didn't come to school.    Then she told me that a doctor came to her school to check on the pupils for any health problem amongst the present students that day. Luckily, everybody that was present was not sick or infected. I can see that now a lot of people are getting fever, flu,bad cough and things like that. so take care, eat proper food, get more vitamins for your immune system to work extra and see you again! ^_^

- Amna-

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hello! welcome to my new blog! I am having this new blog because I forgot not the password, but username of my old blog (Prefect Amna N). But don't worry, my old posts are still here for you to read and enjoy and there are many more to come,InsyaAllah :)

(P.S you might want to lower your volume before watching this cute video)

 (Haha! Imran,Imran  " Alright kay, bye")



  My younger sister's name is Azra Sareera Binti Ikhwan. She is 7 years old. She was born on the 11th April 2006.
  My younger brother's name is Imran Arrazi Bin Ikhwan. He is umm... AHA! 4 years old . He was also born on the 11th not April, but November 2008.
  I love my sibblings very much.
(I think this video is funny and I think your name is not Imran right?? :P)