Sunday, 29 December 2013


-We woke up to the 'wakey wakey' call. I was so tired. I changed my clothes and headed downstairs to wait for the group to come and went to pray subuh at the surau. We then went to the jetty that we went to yesterday. Then, we climbed into the boat and  we sped off!! It was very bouncy on the way to the island that we were headed to. When we arrived there, we had breakfast and then, the uncle there showed us how to build a raft. Then, we built our raft. It took umm... not quite so long to build it, in fact, we were the first team that finished our raft! Then, we went into the sea. We paddled and paddled and paddled, and we were off! Then, we realised we were not moving, just then, one of the other groups were in the water. Obviously, since we were not moving, we were left behind. even though we went out first, we were second last.
-Actually, we didn't move to the buoy, we were supposed to go to the buoy where a guy was holding a flag for each group. Then, we had to take the flag from him and go back to shore and undo the raft.
-Well, as I was saying, we didn't actually move to the buoy, the buoy moved to us!! Hehe...
- After the games, we had lunch. And then, we played in the sea. Then, we went and prayed. We prayed on the sand. I got a lot of sand on my forehead. Then, we went hiking. The hills were sooooo steep!!

In a meadow...

Tall trees towering above us, providing shade...

Have you ever seen these branches??

Thy look like snakes..

Funny fruit....

Then, we started hiking d
                                             n... It was so tiring!!! I thought I just wanted to roll down the mountain It took more than 3 hours...!!! Then, we arraived at a pondok where we waited for our bus. It arrived almost immediately, and I still needed to gather all my strength to walk to the BUS!!
-When we arrived, we took a rest. I decided to take a bath, but the shower was so crowded, so I rested for a while. After waiting, I went to take my bath. It was most refreshing. And thre was barely a crowd at all! I had too be in the hall by 8.00 pm, so I decided to rest for a bit. Then, after dinner and a talk from Sh. Hussain, I went to call ummi. Ummi was in aceh. I missed her so much!!

-That's all for today, Assalamualaikum until my next entry!

Saturday, 28 December 2013


-Today we woke up early and we waited for our group members to come downstairs. Then we all headed downstairs for subuh.
-Then we went into the bus with breakfast (bread) and went to the same jetty as we always go to, except for the first time we arrived (island hopping). Then we boarded a boat and headed for tasik dayang bunting. we eventually drifted off to sleep. When we woke up, we were completely unaware that...well, You will soon know... We were enjoying the view since the boat had stopped. We ooohhed and aaahhed.. And there was also a few big, no, giagantic, no, gianormous waves. It was fun rocking about on the waves. Then, the guy driving the boat said that our boat habis minyak. Then we started panicking. After all the panic was gone, we arrived at our destination, tasik dayang bunting. We were shocked to find nobody there, we thought they already left and went to another island, but we still went out to search for them. We also met some unfriendly monkeys...
I managed to get a photo while stranded at sea
Unfriendly monkeys that tried to steal my bag

Catfish are very relaxing to feet..

And then, when we finally arrived at the top, we saw the group. They were already going back, so our feet only had a quick dip in the catfish pond. Then, we went back onto the boat

Sorry, this is all I remember about this day. I'll continue soon.. Bye!!

Friday, 27 December 2013


We woke up before the morning call of "Wakey wakey". After I changed my clothes( I didn't take a bath,hehe),We waited for our other group members to come and we went to the surau to pray subuh.we got full marks b'coz we arrived before the prayer started in group.Then, there was a tazkirah, I didn't hear coz I was so sleepy I slept.
-We went into the bus(Like yesterday,but we didn't go to the canteen, they gave us bread so we could eat it whenever we're hungry).When we arrived at the jetty, the sea  was turquoise, Subahanallah... :) 
-After lining up and putting our bags away, Group 1,2,3 and 4 lined up and went into the cave, I wore a life jacket, because I was short. And we entered the cave. There was water inside, flowing like a river,it was cold, but not too deep, we went on and on, there were stalagmites (on the bottom) and stalactites (on the ceiling) and we reached an open space, it was sorta like a room. sis. Dunya told us to turn off our lights, and we did. When everyone was in the 'room', she asked us to turn on our lights, when we did, we had a breathtaking sight! There were bats, And shining minerals( I think miners have never been in there,hehe). Then Sh.Hussain gave us a speech. He asked us to turn off the lights and he talked to us about how the universe was first darkness. Then Allah entered light into the earth for us to see and live and be happy. Then , it was time to go out. The tide had risen and at the mouth of the cave, where I said it was not too deep before, was sooooooooo deep!! My feet could barely touch the ground!! I had to paddle with m feet just like ducks do when they swim,but they don't have to wear life jackets, except for these cute little ducklings, :P. After that, we went back out onto the

beach and waited for all the other groups, group 5,6,7 and 8 to get into the cave.while waiting, we munched on some coconut bread and when the other groups were already in the cave, we played some water games. We were given 5 ping-pong balls for every group. The first 5 people in the group had to swim out to sea , I mean not that far, but we had to swim until a basket that the facilitators were holding. then the first five (one by one) had to put the ping-pong ball in the basket. Then the next 5 had to take the ball out of the basket. Our group didn't win, but we had a pretty good progress. as for the groups that went into the cave after us, I heard that they couldn't make it until the 'room' because the water was too deep. After that, we boarded the boat that took us back to the jetty. then we waited to change our clothes, but the queue was too long, so we went to the masjid's toilet. I rinsed myself to get rid of all the sand stuck onto me. I changed into my clothes and got onto the bus to the boarding school. I wanted to change back to my dirty clothes because we were gonna play a game that was gonna be wet. But first we had to eat lunch. After lunch, we all went back to our dorms and I busied myself drying the wet clothes that I wore at the beach, because I wanted to wear it at the beach.
-Then we went to solat Zuhur+Asar. After praying, I needed to use the toilet. So I went with one of my friends. When we got back, they were in the middle of a quiz. I answered 3  of them correct. After the quiz, the facilitators asked us if we wanted to play or rest. Most of us wanted to rest, so they let us rest.
-After the rest, we went to the surau to pray. After that, we had dinner. Today, we had to become CSI. They gave us a case that happens to someone. My case was... There was a girl who liked taking selfies under #ootd. she has over 1000 followers since she is so fashionable. She recently became a victim of identity theft and people edited her photos to pics of nude females. (ewwwww, gross).So we had to give solutions to the problems. It was around 1.00 am when we finished. I was soooooo sleepyyyyyy!!! *yawn* And then I went to call ummi. I missed her so much! After talking to her, she said to me she had to go, I was like, awwww why so fast, of course there was a logical explanation, it was 1.00 am, duhh!!:P
-That's it for today, bye bye!!

Thursday, 26 December 2013


Ok, now, we stopped at bedtime so now we continue 17/12/2013:-

We had to wake up very early. I didn't take my shower that day because the water there is freezing cold!! Then we went to pray subuh.If our whole group arrives before subuh, we get points.Our whole group was almost there except for iman and Sarah.After subuh , we had a tazkirah. Then, we went to eat breakfast. It was mee.Then, we boarded the bus to a jetty and boarded a boat. We were all set for island hopping!! The boat took us to an island with a cave on it. I heard bats in it. It also stank... Must be the bat's droppings... 

                                                              Entering the cave

After the mini-caving session, we met this monkey...


Then, we boarded the boat again, we passed the jetty, I thought we were going back to the jetty and onto the bus back to the boarding school, but we passed it, as I said earlier. It turns out, we went to another island because as I said, we were going island hopping. At the island, we had to build sandcastles, whichever group builds the tallest sandcastle wins. Our group didn't win, but the judge said that it was one of her favourites. Then we boarded the boat again.We went to another island where we went swimming.We took off our tudung because there were no men there. I saw BIG schools of tiny fishes. I tried to catch them, but I couldn't, because they were too fast. We played games and soon, it was time to go. The boat was expected to arrive in10 minutes, but it didn't arrive, so I wet back in. And THEN I caught a fish, it was small, like ikan bilis.Then a girl from another group caught a hermit crab.I put it in a bottle with some sand and sea water. Then I tried to put it back in the sea where it won't pinch anybody's feet, but it refused to go in the sea, instead, it crawled to the back of the bottle. So I had to tip it out and I continue to play in the water. Just then, the boats came! I hurriedly put on my tudung and climed onto the boat. Suddenly, the boat stopped in the middle of the way. Then, I saw eagles circling overhead.Umm.. I think I have some pictures

Eagles circling overhead...

The boat's engine started to rev and the boat circled around, we went to a fish farm. Where we met the guy who owned the place.He showed us a horseshoe crab. He said that it has blue blood, which totally freaked me out.

We met a stingray   TWO stingrays.I touched them. After everybody had their turn, it was time to go. We got into the boat and we sped off! We then got back to where w started. Then we had to wait for some other girls to change their clothes, I didn't want to, because I wanted to take a shower and use those same clothes so that I didn't waste my clothes.When everyone was done, we left into the bus.When we got to the boarding school, I wanted to take a bath, but I couldn't, beCAUSE it was lunch.We ate ayam kari. It was nice. And After lunch, I was HOPING to get a bath, but we went to the tennis court and played 'lagi jauh lagi sayang'. You have to pass 5 difficulty levels of throwing water balloons to each other. I went for level 1. At level five, most people popped their balloons on the first throw. But my group didn't. But they didn't win, because on the second round, the balloon fell down. After that, we played water balloon fight!! I'm sure you know the rules, just throw at any random person!!Then, a few people played galah panjang. After that, we went to have a sukaneka, there were 2 games, first, we had to do something like bowling, but with a coconut instead. I don't know why coconuts always like to go in the wrong direction, but that's their problem, not ours. We also played something like a three legged race, only there were ten people instead of two, which made it a lot  harder. After the games, we went back to the dorms, I was RELIEVED to get my bath. But I had to wait in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnng line before I got my bath. Finally, I got my chance. I took my shower and I went down for Maghrib+Isya'a.
-Then we went in for dinner, I couldn't eat out of homesickness again, but I did manage a watermelon this time..
-After dinner, we had a programme, you had to write about your favourite celebrity and as many facts about that particular celebrity. Then, we had to write about the sahabah and as many facts about that particular sahabah as well. After all that was done, we listened to a talk about people nowdays. They are really crazy in my opinion. 
-After, I went to sis. Dunya's room to call ummi. Ummi said she was going to aceh the next day,but she said she would give me her phone number so I could call her in aceh. Then it was time to sleep. I'll continue on my next entry!  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


ASSALAMUALAIKUM!!! Yes, I'm back online!! Oh, it's been such a long time since my last blog... Anyways, let's start.....

 In the morning(the day of the camp,I was still at home that time), we went to mufti menk's talk. after that, ummi helped me to pack my bags to the camp.i was verrrryyyyyyy nervous... While she was packing, she asked me to take a nap... So I did... when I awoke, ummi told me to take a bath.. you DON'T  need to have details of that, now do you ??( :P ) Then, ummi showed me my stuff, like where my pyjamas are, and where my jubahs are, and where my pins and my toiletries and my everythings are!!! So, when everything is done, we headed into the car. Before that, we did a little shopping, ummi got me some new clothes to bring to the camp, some new shoes and a handphone to call her.. so then when we were in the car, on the way, we stopped at 7 eleven to get some food and drinks for my trip, coz there wasn't gonna be any food on the bus or on the ferry(ummi got me some pizza too, LOL!! :P)  so then i could eat it them in the bus and ferry. then we continued our journey to Al-Khaadem,it only took a few minutes though.. we arrived at 5.55 or something like that, ummi said the registration is at 6.00, so I thought that it ends at 6.00,we were very early, the sisters at the registration counter said that we were the first ones to register. i got my registration number (167) and my bus number (5). Then we went inside to pray...

  Azra is sad because kakak amna is leaving...

 I will miss you... :'(

We waited and waited and waited for a long time until the next person came in, followed by the next and the next and the next and the next and the next well, you get the idea..a swarm of people came in around... hmm.. the earliest was around around 6. 30 or something like that?? Then we prayed maghrib in jamaah there followed by isya'a
------------------------------------------THE ADVENTURE STARTS!!------------------------------------------
When everyone had arrived, we went into the bus. i was crying because i was going to miss ummi so much!  ummi was calling me and i spoke to her. then, i was soo tired!! but when i was just about to close my eyes, i got a message from tehah (fatehah). So after 4 messages, I went to sleep.

-When I awoke, we unloaded our luggage and went to pray subuh in a masjid near the jetty on which we were going to board the ferry to our destination-LANGKAWI!! My luggage is so heavy!!
-After praying,we went to get onboard the ferry to langkawi,i had to carry my heavy luggage all the way, I was sweating!! After waiting for something like 100 days, we finally got onboard...
-When i was in the ferry, I kept on thinking about ummi, I missed her soooooooo much............. But the view from the ocean was so beautiful...

 The magnificent view...

After we got out of the ferry, we boarded another bus to the boarding school where we were supposed to stay in. Then we had to wait for the brothers to come into the hall so we could begin the grouping session. i missed ummi so mch that time, I cried and cried.. Then they came to take our money and HANDPHONES!!! I would have no way of communicating with ummi.. I quickly called ummi and told her everything.. after a chat with ummi, she told me to hand the phone over to sis. dunya so she could speak to her. Then sis. dunya said that I could keep the handphone with her and talk to ummi every night before bed. Then I felt better. Then the grouping session began.
I was in Group 1. Our oldest member was 40 years old. She made us play games that helped us know each other better. It seemed okay then... and i didn't feel so lonely anymore........except SOMEtimes...

-At lunch we ate ayam masak merah, it was very nice and spicy!! Very nice...
-Then we jama'a Zuhur+A'sar. i was sweating because there was no fan in the sister's area, only in the brother's area...

The brother's saf infront of the sister's saf

-After praying, we had to chose a leader, assistant leader, group name and group flag.Our leader is Sakinah and the assistant is Raihan.Our group name is sakura and our motto is 'With time,we will soon blossom'

-After that, we played a game called 'Traffic jam' then we had a few other programmes before maghrib+isya'a.I remembered ummi in my last sujud. I felt very homesick. I missed her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
-At dinner, I couldn't eat,i missed ummi so much!!
-Then Sh.Hussain gave us a speech. but I had a headache and slept at the canteen.after 12.00 (bedtime), i asked sis.dunya if I could call ummi or not.She said yes, and i was soooooo happy to hear her voice. I burst into tears and spoke to ummi. immediately, i felt better. Maybe I had that headache because i was homesick and needed to speak to ummi...
-Then it was time to sleep...I was sleeping in Dorm 2.. I was so tired, I had island hopping the next day, I was so excited!!

I have to go to sleep now, I'll continue on my next entry,goodnight!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Today my friend and classmate had her birthday PARTY!! (even though her birthday is on the 27th of March but today is the 24th) Her name is Annisa Fatehah and we have been in the same class for umm...3 no, 4 years! Since I was primary 2 until now, primary 5...

That's her...

We were watching TV until her mom called us to cut the chocolate cake that her elder sister had made by herself for Fatehah. Isn't that sweet? Oh,and I forgot to mention that the birthday food was made by her father himself! Isn't that amazing?

                                                                            Cake time!! :)

After the cake, my friend, Dina played the piano and we were shaking our bodies trying to get the hula-hoops to stay on. Fatehah kept the hula-hoop on the longest! After Asar, there were only three people left, me, Fatehah, and Dilziba (Ziba for short). We then played MONOPOLY!!! After we were bored playing Monopoly, we sat down and watched TV until my father came to pick me up. Fatehah gave me my party pack and I went back home. It was a grreeeeeaaaaat day today!


Thursday, 21 March 2013


Can you guess what this is?
Today, when I came home from school,(I came home earlier than usual) and I found my mother cooking something in the chicken ehh!! could she cook in a chicken?? hehe... Forget about the chiken.Anyway,I found her cooking something in the kitchen (*sigh* I got it right...) and then she said "Alaaaaaa! kenapa balik awal sangat?!" coz she wanted to finish the cooking before I got home. but she ended up liking the idea of me coming home early. Because i helped her cook the spaghetti sauce... Yum yum...

BTW... the picture above is the homemade chicken(not kitchen hihi...) patty which I had for my burger. I reeeeeeeaaallllyyy enjoyed my meal today.and we ate...:

- Burger (homemade with looots of lettuce )

 I would now like to say THANK YOU to ummi for making this meal for me... ^,^

Azra enjoying her burger
Looks yummy right? don't be jealous... hehe...