Monday, 19 December 2011


Hi,today I'm gonna write about when we left Tiger to board and we left for Cyberjaya.The name of our hotel was Cyberview resort and spa.

DAY 1:-

When we arrived,we went straight to bed,because ummi asked us to! then,we woke up,only the girls!then,we,the girls went to eat at the restaurant beside the swimming pool. when we were finished,we went home to pick up ayah and Imran to eat.On the way,me and Azra went to the kidz club because we already ate,right? Then we went back to our chalet to sleep,I wondered what Tiger was doing ,Hmmm... Oops! I almost forgot to tell you why only the girls went out first,well,because the GIRLS woke up first! HAHA...boys ae such sleepyheads!SLEEPYHEAD,

SLEEPYHEAD...HAHA....HAHAHAHA... :D Okay, thats enough laughing for now...HAHA....Okay,
okay! don't remind me about it!! not now !!: P ,thats to the the boys HAHAHA.....hehahehaha

DAY 2:-

I woke up in the morning and we thought we were late to a talk! Oh no!That's HORRIBLE,that's
DISASTEROUS,that's NOT NICE AT ALL that's...that's..oh, never mind,aaha!That's TERRIBLE!! 
But when we arrived,we found out that we actually were not late at all! Inside,me and Azra played
games and others with the kakak-kakak who took care of me. Ummi and Ayah were speaking about the house and design because my father is an Architect you see, and my mum studied Interior Design, that means the design inside the house. They really can work together, but they don't. :(   ('cause my mom stopped working and became an actress instead.) after that, we went to thistle aaall the way in PORT DICKSON !! Can you guess why? because we had to pick up our swimming suits that we left there during the last holiday...because Ayah didn't want to buy new ones..

We took a nap all the way way, then woke up when we reached thistle... When we reached back Cyberjaya..we went straight..SWIMMING!! Yipeee...                             

DAY 3:

I woke up in the morning and did some cycling.But only me ,'cause it was a two wheeled bicycle for children. :( Too bad...I wanted some company!!Boo Hoo!!:( After that,we had our breakfast.I ate scrambed eggs,baked beans and sausages.I drank kiwi juice.after that,we went swimming again,and Ummi went to the spa,again!after that,wewent straight back home.I actually wanted to stay even longer....but I know that I can't becaue It's toooooooooo expensive.


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