Saturday, 28 December 2013


-Today we woke up early and we waited for our group members to come downstairs. Then we all headed downstairs for subuh.
-Then we went into the bus with breakfast (bread) and went to the same jetty as we always go to, except for the first time we arrived (island hopping). Then we boarded a boat and headed for tasik dayang bunting. we eventually drifted off to sleep. When we woke up, we were completely unaware that...well, You will soon know... We were enjoying the view since the boat had stopped. We ooohhed and aaahhed.. And there was also a few big, no, giagantic, no, gianormous waves. It was fun rocking about on the waves. Then, the guy driving the boat said that our boat habis minyak. Then we started panicking. After all the panic was gone, we arrived at our destination, tasik dayang bunting. We were shocked to find nobody there, we thought they already left and went to another island, but we still went out to search for them. We also met some unfriendly monkeys...
I managed to get a photo while stranded at sea
Unfriendly monkeys that tried to steal my bag

Catfish are very relaxing to feet..

And then, when we finally arrived at the top, we saw the group. They were already going back, so our feet only had a quick dip in the catfish pond. Then, we went back onto the boat

Sorry, this is all I remember about this day. I'll continue soon.. Bye!!

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