Friday, 27 December 2013


We woke up before the morning call of "Wakey wakey". After I changed my clothes( I didn't take a bath,hehe),We waited for our other group members to come and we went to the surau to pray subuh.we got full marks b'coz we arrived before the prayer started in group.Then, there was a tazkirah, I didn't hear coz I was so sleepy I slept.
-We went into the bus(Like yesterday,but we didn't go to the canteen, they gave us bread so we could eat it whenever we're hungry).When we arrived at the jetty, the sea  was turquoise, Subahanallah... :) 
-After lining up and putting our bags away, Group 1,2,3 and 4 lined up and went into the cave, I wore a life jacket, because I was short. And we entered the cave. There was water inside, flowing like a river,it was cold, but not too deep, we went on and on, there were stalagmites (on the bottom) and stalactites (on the ceiling) and we reached an open space, it was sorta like a room. sis. Dunya told us to turn off our lights, and we did. When everyone was in the 'room', she asked us to turn on our lights, when we did, we had a breathtaking sight! There were bats, And shining minerals( I think miners have never been in there,hehe). Then Sh.Hussain gave us a speech. He asked us to turn off the lights and he talked to us about how the universe was first darkness. Then Allah entered light into the earth for us to see and live and be happy. Then , it was time to go out. The tide had risen and at the mouth of the cave, where I said it was not too deep before, was sooooooooo deep!! My feet could barely touch the ground!! I had to paddle with m feet just like ducks do when they swim,but they don't have to wear life jackets, except for these cute little ducklings, :P. After that, we went back out onto the

beach and waited for all the other groups, group 5,6,7 and 8 to get into the cave.while waiting, we munched on some coconut bread and when the other groups were already in the cave, we played some water games. We were given 5 ping-pong balls for every group. The first 5 people in the group had to swim out to sea , I mean not that far, but we had to swim until a basket that the facilitators were holding. then the first five (one by one) had to put the ping-pong ball in the basket. Then the next 5 had to take the ball out of the basket. Our group didn't win, but we had a pretty good progress. as for the groups that went into the cave after us, I heard that they couldn't make it until the 'room' because the water was too deep. After that, we boarded the boat that took us back to the jetty. then we waited to change our clothes, but the queue was too long, so we went to the masjid's toilet. I rinsed myself to get rid of all the sand stuck onto me. I changed into my clothes and got onto the bus to the boarding school. I wanted to change back to my dirty clothes because we were gonna play a game that was gonna be wet. But first we had to eat lunch. After lunch, we all went back to our dorms and I busied myself drying the wet clothes that I wore at the beach, because I wanted to wear it at the beach.
-Then we went to solat Zuhur+Asar. After praying, I needed to use the toilet. So I went with one of my friends. When we got back, they were in the middle of a quiz. I answered 3  of them correct. After the quiz, the facilitators asked us if we wanted to play or rest. Most of us wanted to rest, so they let us rest.
-After the rest, we went to the surau to pray. After that, we had dinner. Today, we had to become CSI. They gave us a case that happens to someone. My case was... There was a girl who liked taking selfies under #ootd. she has over 1000 followers since she is so fashionable. She recently became a victim of identity theft and people edited her photos to pics of nude females. (ewwwww, gross).So we had to give solutions to the problems. It was around 1.00 am when we finished. I was soooooo sleepyyyyyy!!! *yawn* And then I went to call ummi. I missed her so much! After talking to her, she said to me she had to go, I was like, awwww why so fast, of course there was a logical explanation, it was 1.00 am, duhh!!:P
-That's it for today, bye bye!!

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