Sunday, 29 December 2013


-We woke up to the 'wakey wakey' call. I was so tired. I changed my clothes and headed downstairs to wait for the group to come and went to pray subuh at the surau. We then went to the jetty that we went to yesterday. Then, we climbed into the boat and  we sped off!! It was very bouncy on the way to the island that we were headed to. When we arrived there, we had breakfast and then, the uncle there showed us how to build a raft. Then, we built our raft. It took umm... not quite so long to build it, in fact, we were the first team that finished our raft! Then, we went into the sea. We paddled and paddled and paddled, and we were off! Then, we realised we were not moving, just then, one of the other groups were in the water. Obviously, since we were not moving, we were left behind. even though we went out first, we were second last.
-Actually, we didn't move to the buoy, we were supposed to go to the buoy where a guy was holding a flag for each group. Then, we had to take the flag from him and go back to shore and undo the raft.
-Well, as I was saying, we didn't actually move to the buoy, the buoy moved to us!! Hehe...
- After the games, we had lunch. And then, we played in the sea. Then, we went and prayed. We prayed on the sand. I got a lot of sand on my forehead. Then, we went hiking. The hills were sooooo steep!!

In a meadow...

Tall trees towering above us, providing shade...

Have you ever seen these branches??

Thy look like snakes..

Funny fruit....

Then, we started hiking d
                                             n... It was so tiring!!! I thought I just wanted to roll down the mountain It took more than 3 hours...!!! Then, we arraived at a pondok where we waited for our bus. It arrived almost immediately, and I still needed to gather all my strength to walk to the BUS!!
-When we arrived, we took a rest. I decided to take a bath, but the shower was so crowded, so I rested for a while. After waiting, I went to take my bath. It was most refreshing. And thre was barely a crowd at all! I had too be in the hall by 8.00 pm, so I decided to rest for a bit. Then, after dinner and a talk from Sh. Hussain, I went to call ummi. Ummi was in aceh. I missed her so much!!

-That's all for today, Assalamualaikum until my next entry!


  1. Assalamualaikum Amna... It was a good adventure you had during the camp last Dec aight? My husband was one of the facilitators at the camp. Perhaps you might bumped into him while you were there. Just curious, are you going to this year AlKhaadem Youth Camp?

    Sis Nadiah

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