Thursday, 26 December 2013


Ok, now, we stopped at bedtime so now we continue 17/12/2013:-

We had to wake up very early. I didn't take my shower that day because the water there is freezing cold!! Then we went to pray subuh.If our whole group arrives before subuh, we get points.Our whole group was almost there except for iman and Sarah.After subuh , we had a tazkirah. Then, we went to eat breakfast. It was mee.Then, we boarded the bus to a jetty and boarded a boat. We were all set for island hopping!! The boat took us to an island with a cave on it. I heard bats in it. It also stank... Must be the bat's droppings... 

                                                              Entering the cave

After the mini-caving session, we met this monkey...


Then, we boarded the boat again, we passed the jetty, I thought we were going back to the jetty and onto the bus back to the boarding school, but we passed it, as I said earlier. It turns out, we went to another island because as I said, we were going island hopping. At the island, we had to build sandcastles, whichever group builds the tallest sandcastle wins. Our group didn't win, but the judge said that it was one of her favourites. Then we boarded the boat again.We went to another island where we went swimming.We took off our tudung because there were no men there. I saw BIG schools of tiny fishes. I tried to catch them, but I couldn't, because they were too fast. We played games and soon, it was time to go. The boat was expected to arrive in10 minutes, but it didn't arrive, so I wet back in. And THEN I caught a fish, it was small, like ikan bilis.Then a girl from another group caught a hermit crab.I put it in a bottle with some sand and sea water. Then I tried to put it back in the sea where it won't pinch anybody's feet, but it refused to go in the sea, instead, it crawled to the back of the bottle. So I had to tip it out and I continue to play in the water. Just then, the boats came! I hurriedly put on my tudung and climed onto the boat. Suddenly, the boat stopped in the middle of the way. Then, I saw eagles circling overhead.Umm.. I think I have some pictures

Eagles circling overhead...

The boat's engine started to rev and the boat circled around, we went to a fish farm. Where we met the guy who owned the place.He showed us a horseshoe crab. He said that it has blue blood, which totally freaked me out.

We met a stingray   TWO stingrays.I touched them. After everybody had their turn, it was time to go. We got into the boat and we sped off! We then got back to where w started. Then we had to wait for some other girls to change their clothes, I didn't want to, because I wanted to take a shower and use those same clothes so that I didn't waste my clothes.When everyone was done, we left into the bus.When we got to the boarding school, I wanted to take a bath, but I couldn't, beCAUSE it was lunch.We ate ayam kari. It was nice. And After lunch, I was HOPING to get a bath, but we went to the tennis court and played 'lagi jauh lagi sayang'. You have to pass 5 difficulty levels of throwing water balloons to each other. I went for level 1. At level five, most people popped their balloons on the first throw. But my group didn't. But they didn't win, because on the second round, the balloon fell down. After that, we played water balloon fight!! I'm sure you know the rules, just throw at any random person!!Then, a few people played galah panjang. After that, we went to have a sukaneka, there were 2 games, first, we had to do something like bowling, but with a coconut instead. I don't know why coconuts always like to go in the wrong direction, but that's their problem, not ours. We also played something like a three legged race, only there were ten people instead of two, which made it a lot  harder. After the games, we went back to the dorms, I was RELIEVED to get my bath. But I had to wait in a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnng line before I got my bath. Finally, I got my chance. I took my shower and I went down for Maghrib+Isya'a.
-Then we went in for dinner, I couldn't eat out of homesickness again, but I did manage a watermelon this time..
-After dinner, we had a programme, you had to write about your favourite celebrity and as many facts about that particular celebrity. Then, we had to write about the sahabah and as many facts about that particular sahabah as well. After all that was done, we listened to a talk about people nowdays. They are really crazy in my opinion. 
-After, I went to sis. Dunya's room to call ummi. Ummi said she was going to aceh the next day,but she said she would give me her phone number so I could call her in aceh. Then it was time to sleep. I'll continue on my next entry!  

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  1. Assalammualaikum. Wow Amna, it seems like you are having a very long, educational and adventurous trip in this activity. I believe, this will be one of the most memorable events that you will cherish in your whole life especially when you went to Langkawi again next time with your family members.

    p.s: Hmm...I still remember the first time I went for camp in Sg Congkak when I was in primary school. =)