Tuesday, 24 December 2013


ASSALAMUALAIKUM!!! Yes, I'm back online!! Oh, it's been such a long time since my last blog... Anyways, let's start.....

 In the morning(the day of the camp,I was still at home that time), we went to mufti menk's talk. after that, ummi helped me to pack my bags to the camp.i was verrrryyyyyyy nervous... While she was packing, she asked me to take a nap... So I did... when I awoke, ummi told me to take a bath.. you DON'T  need to have details of that, now do you ??( :P ) Then, ummi showed me my stuff, like where my pyjamas are, and where my jubahs are, and where my pins and my toiletries and my everythings are!!! So, when everything is done, we headed into the car. Before that, we did a little shopping, ummi got me some new clothes to bring to the camp, some new shoes and a handphone to call her.. so then when we were in the car, on the way, we stopped at 7 eleven to get some food and drinks for my trip, coz there wasn't gonna be any food on the bus or on the ferry(ummi got me some pizza too, LOL!! :P)  so then i could eat it them in the bus and ferry. then we continued our journey to Al-Khaadem,it only took a few minutes though.. we arrived at 5.55 or something like that, ummi said the registration is at 6.00, so I thought that it ends at 6.00,we were very early, the sisters at the registration counter said that we were the first ones to register. i got my registration number (167) and my bus number (5). Then we went inside to pray...

  Azra is sad because kakak amna is leaving...

 I will miss you... :'(

We waited and waited and waited for a long time until the next person came in, followed by the next and the next and the next and the next and the next well, you get the idea..a swarm of people came in around... hmm.. the earliest was around around 6. 30 or something like that?? Then we prayed maghrib in jamaah there followed by isya'a
------------------------------------------THE ADVENTURE STARTS!!------------------------------------------
When everyone had arrived, we went into the bus. i was crying because i was going to miss ummi so much!  ummi was calling me and i spoke to her. then, i was soo tired!! but when i was just about to close my eyes, i got a message from tehah (fatehah). So after 4 messages, I went to sleep.

-When I awoke, we unloaded our luggage and went to pray subuh in a masjid near the jetty on which we were going to board the ferry to our destination-LANGKAWI!! My luggage is so heavy!!
-After praying,we went to get onboard the ferry to langkawi,i had to carry my heavy luggage all the way, I was sweating!! After waiting for something like 100 days, we finally got onboard...
-When i was in the ferry, I kept on thinking about ummi, I missed her soooooooo much............. But the view from the ocean was so beautiful...

 The magnificent view...

After we got out of the ferry, we boarded another bus to the boarding school where we were supposed to stay in. Then we had to wait for the brothers to come into the hall so we could begin the grouping session. i missed ummi so mch that time, I cried and cried.. Then they came to take our money and HANDPHONES!!! I would have no way of communicating with ummi.. I quickly called ummi and told her everything.. after a chat with ummi, she told me to hand the phone over to sis. dunya so she could speak to her. Then sis. dunya said that I could keep the handphone with her and talk to ummi every night before bed. Then I felt better. Then the grouping session began.
I was in Group 1. Our oldest member was 40 years old. She made us play games that helped us know each other better. It seemed okay then... and i didn't feel so lonely anymore........except SOMEtimes...

-At lunch we ate ayam masak merah, it was very nice and spicy!! Very nice...
-Then we jama'a Zuhur+A'sar. i was sweating because there was no fan in the sister's area, only in the brother's area...

The brother's saf infront of the sister's saf

-After praying, we had to chose a leader, assistant leader, group name and group flag.Our leader is Sakinah and the assistant is Raihan.Our group name is sakura and our motto is 'With time,we will soon blossom'

-After that, we played a game called 'Traffic jam' then we had a few other programmes before maghrib+isya'a.I remembered ummi in my last sujud. I felt very homesick. I missed her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
-At dinner, I couldn't eat,i missed ummi so much!!
-Then Sh.Hussain gave us a speech. but I had a headache and slept at the canteen.after 12.00 (bedtime), i asked sis.dunya if I could call ummi or not.She said yes, and i was soooooo happy to hear her voice. I burst into tears and spoke to ummi. immediately, i felt better. Maybe I had that headache because i was homesick and needed to speak to ummi...
-Then it was time to sleep...I was sleeping in Dorm 2.. I was so tired, I had island hopping the next day, I was so excited!!

I have to go to sleep now, I'll continue on my next entry,goodnight!!


  1. Very interesting story. Congratulation Amna! Glad to know you.

  2. mashaallah, love the part u remembered ummi during your sujood. may allah bless you, kakak amna :) - aunty wina

  3. Subhanallah, you are so adorable Amna... i can feel the chemistry between you and your ummi, Mashaallah... :')
    You are good in writing, like your ummi :)
    May Allah bless you & your family

  4. I cried just by reading your entry.... how sweet u amna.. u alwaya have you ummi in your heart :)

  5. Sweet..<3 good girl, pray my lovely daughter,husna..would be like u, kakak amna.

  6. assalam amna. you are a wonderful girl. you can write an english entry at this age and it is brilliant. you are my blog idol(after my dad)although i'm a year older than u. you're so consistent in writing entries in english. not like me, i write my entries in bm n bi. i hope i can be your friend. do you have and e-mail? i love to send emails to you. please be my blog follower. ( why don't you write an entry about you in asuh magazine. i'm also in that magazine in ruangan klik! sekolahku. just a page behind your page. you're in rakan cilik, right? i hope i can be your cyber friend. please reply:D

  7. i love the part remembering your ummi in your sujood. lovely girl, amna